A Glory of Maharashtra

SAMPARC Heritage Walk, which is also A Glory of Maharashtra, will not only publicise the rich heritage and cultural values of Maharashtra but also attract the whole world’s eye to watch and experience the vanity of colours immersed in lifestyle in different states of India as well how it is linked with a noble social cause.


To experience the elements of nature 3000 participants in 2016 and 5000 participants in 2017 from the different stature of the Society joined SAMPARC Heritage Walk, vibrantly echoing people’s support for a cause, which is to support orphan children. Thousands of Heritage lovers along with foreigners realised the wonderful panoramic views of Sahyadri Mountains along with 2000 years old Heritage Monuments and the most attractive Maharashtrian cultures and live with Maharashtrian food provided to all participants. In this context we from SAMPARC- an NGO committed to giving safe shelter, healthy food, education, support for sports and other cultural activities to underprivileged and socially deprived children, takes the opportunity to warmly welcome you to participate in SAMPARC Heritage Walk 2018 to be held on 25th November 2018 and to be an witness and supporter of the noble cause.

Simultaneously SAMPARC is offering you the opportunity to experience the wonders of Bhaje Caves, Visapur Fort and Lohagad Fort, enjoy traditional cultural activities along with a taste of local gastronomy as an extra bonus with this Heritage Walk. Hence, the participants will not only delve into the legendary stories of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and spirituals abode of the early Buddhists but soak in the lap of tranquil nature of Lonavla, which is also a story–teller’s paradise.

An opportunity to interact with participants from different walks of life and from varied corners of World; this 7.2 km walk will energise you in all the ways. This year we’re expecting more than 10000 participants to accompany you, the mass energy that would be created is something to look forward to.

The heritage walk would endorse the comprehensive work that SAMPARC has been untiringly doing since the past 28 years on Childcare & Development of youths. One of the important focuses of this Heritage Walk is the very social cause to streamline the walk of life of the underprivileged children to stand with dignity beside the other citizens of the country.

Hence, we in SAMPARC hope you’re inspired and will register for the SAMPARC HERITAGE WALK 2018 and endorse the cause of Building Bright Futures for underprivileged and socially deprived Children.


By participating in the walk you are lending your hand to help the isolated children without parents and facilitate them to reach a natural and dignified life. It’s a unique opportunity to learn about cultural & historical heritage of Maharashtra, spend some time for diversified entertainment with your family and lend your support for a noble cause.